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Wrist-Warmers 13
Variegated blue-green-purple yarn with ruffle in shiny
variegated blue-purple eyelash yarn.
$18 ~ SALE $15

Wrist-Warmers 14
Variegated yarn in muted colors.
$15 ~ SALE $12

Wrist-Warmers 15
Black sparkly yarn with ruffle in shiny variegated
shiny pink-black-white eyelash yarn mixed with
black fun fur.
$18 ~ SALE $15


Wrist-Warmers 17
Colorful variegated yarn with multi-colored
variegated fun fur ruffle.
$18 ~ SALE $15

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Wristlets 13
Purple wristlet with a row of sparkly variegated
purple bobbles.  3 available.
Medium ~ $7 ~ SALE $5 each

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Fingerless Gloves 9
Orange-blue-yellow-pink-purple specialty
yarn for large ruffle for cuff with matching soft
curly eyelash yarn for hand & wrist..
Small-Medium ~ $70
~ SALE $50
Fingerless Gloves 10
Soft black fashionista glove and wrist with
very full black lacy cuff.
Small-Medium ~ $70
~ SALE $50
Fingerless Gloves 11
Variegated metallic cream & rust lacy yarn with
same lacy yarn in black for ruffles & accents.
Medium-Large ~ $70
~ SALE $50
Gator Gloves Click on picture for larger image
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Gator Fingerless Gloves 13
Variegated green, blue and purple scales with purple
arms with dark blue picot top edging. 12" long.
Medium-large ~ $65
~ SALE $50


Gator Fingerless Gloves 14
Red metallic scales & top scalloped edging and white
& black metallic arm. 10.5" long.
Medium ~ $65
~ SALE $50

Gator Fingerless Gloves 16
Variegated gold metallic orange, purple, blue and green stretchy specialty yarn with scalloped top. 8" long.
Small-Medium ~ $55
~ SALE $45

Gator Fingerless Gloves 18
Variegated olive green, tan, brown and grey yarn with
picot edging.  Yarn is a bit larger than in other gloves.
Extra row of scales for extra warmth.  12" long
Medium-Large ~ $65
~ SALE $50

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Neckwarmer / Collar 03
Very soft black-grey-white nubby yarn
with black suede border & matching long fringe.
Adjustable black suede tie.
$45 ~ SALE $30

Scarf/Neckwarmer 18
Plush super soft wine colored and
matching variegated yarn.  Long matching
tassles & adjustable tie.

~ SALE $30

Neckwarmer 19
Variegated metallic cream & rust lacy yarn with
matching black lacey ruffle & edging all around
Button fastener.
~ SALE $30

[image 2]

Neckwarmer / Mantle 21
Dark & light brown cover with plush, soft, fur-like
tan-white-black specialty yarn for yarn for long tassles
& bobbles.  Adjustable tassled ties.
$60 ~ SALE $45

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